Bina was referred to us as she was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks caused by extremely low self-esteem and confidence. She is a very bright, talented girl but she was unable to recognise this and was very self-conscious. Her difficulties in communicating how she was feeling to her friends meant she had started to distance herself from them.

She attended one of our girls’ groups for nearly 3 years, during which time we saw her confidence and self-esteem grow.  Once she settled into the group she built a friendship with another girl of her own age, which really helped them both – they’re still best friends now.

As Bina settled down her school work improved and she started to shine.  This culminated with her securing a place in a top university to study medicine. During her send-off girls’ group party to bid her good luck for university, Bina gave everyone a card with a little present inside. As she was giving these out she said they were thank you presents because she appreciated Love4Life and girls’ group so much.

She had started coming when she was in Year 7, and she said “I don’t even know if I’d still be here today if it wasn’t for Love4Life because Year 7 was a really tough year for me”, letting us know how much she appreciated our input, and the community of friends that girls group gave her. In one of the thank you cards to staff member Bina wrote that her journey with Love4Life has been a “truly life changing experience” and “the activities you bring to girls’ group are all so creative and promote so much positivity. I leave those sessions every week feeling good and happy”