and honest.

Our workshops

Love4Life provides a range of engaging, informative and honest workshops aiming to address some of the most pressing issues our young people face today. We are passionate about young people having a voice and learning from each other in a healthy and positive way. Our workshops help to develop young people’s understanding of their own values in the context of friendships, and romantic or sexual relationships, as well as supporting them to navigate the challenges that come with a life lived in large part online.

The workshop topics:

  • Growing up - puberty and periods
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sex and stuff
  • Sexual health and contraception
  • Sexting and social media and the internet

How this can look:

  • One off workshops (recommended 2 hour duration)
  • Regular sessions as part of PSHE/PD curriculum
  • As a series of intervention for selected group
  • Assemblies
  • As part of drop down days or health and wellbeing days

Our workshop is subject to a fee plus any travel expenses. Please contact us for more information.

Young people who participate in workshops also have access to FREE follow up 1-2-1 specialist pastoral support.

Upon booking, the referrer will be sent our information and referral package which must be completed and agreed in order for the workshop to take place.

We can also provide tailored small group work packages for specific issues. This service comes at a cost, and requires further discussion and young person’s profiles prior to delivery. Please contact us if you would like to know more.
"Love4Life showed me that I am not alone and it encouraged me to talk to people when I have a problem."

Girl aged 14