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Girls Groups

As part of engaging with and supporting the most in need communities in the area, Love4Life runs after school girls only groups. We meet every week (excluding half terms and holidays when we provide alternative activities) in different community venues providing various activities such as; arts and crafts, cooking, sports and dance, topic based activities and general girl chats!

Love4Life’s girls groups are not traditional youth groups - here’s what makes us different:

  • Intentionally small in number - Our groups support around 8-10 girls, and those girls can come along for as long as they require. Some girls have engaged in a group for up to 5 years! Being small also makes it easier for new girls to join in and get to know everyone.
  • Targeted - We want to work with girls who are in need of a confidence boost, want to form new friendships and need positive, and consistent adult role models. This is in addition to any girls who fall into our referral criteria such as being at risk of dropping out of education, self-harming.
  • Family atmosphere - We value positive friendships and relationships. We make sure that all activities are done together and include everyone regardless of their background, issues or particular need.

Girls do not need to be referred to participate in a group but will be required to complete a detailed consent form after their first attendance.

For more information regarding days and times, please contact us.