TwentyTwenty/ Love4Life

Covid-19 Guidance and Safety Measures

Update April 2021

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our charity have ensured the safety of our young people and staff is paramount. We continue to keep up to date with the National Youth Agency’s latest guidelines on youth work and follow these strictly during our service delivery.
With the increased need to provide some of our services through virtual platforms, our charity has updated our Safeguarding Policy and developed a specific Social Media and Online Procedures Policy. The summary below demonstrates the areas in which our charity has worked to ensure we are delivering in the safest way possible during these times. We will regularly review and update this document with the latest version available to view on our website at
If you would like any further advice or to receive a copy of our Safeguarding Policy and Social Media and Online Procedures please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team or contact us at


Risk Assessments

In order to mitigate the risk of Covid-19, our charity have developed specific risk assessments for all delivery work. If you would like a copy of this risk assessment, please contact a staff member or email When the nature of the work carried out by our team includes the use of external settings, such as community centres and/or school premises, there must be an external risk assessment provided by the specific location. Without this, it is not possible for Love4Life to deliver at this site. We safely store all risk assessments on our internal system and these are shared with all staff members should cover be required.


The charity office in Loughborough is now open and follow strict Covid-19 safety procedures including social distancing, hand sanitising and regular cleaning. Staff are offered flexibility in where they work and at present a number of our delivery team are opting to work remotely. 
Love4Life staff understand and follow the government guidelines around self-isolation and if a member of staff does experience symptoms of Covid-19, the office will close until a thorough deep clean is able to take place



All staff and volunteers will adhere to government guidelines regarding wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing measures. Staff will encourage all young people to follow these rules unless there are legitimate reasons for why these cannot be followed e.g. medical reasons for not wearing a facemask.

Where possible our team will aim to set up external settings to follow safe social distancing procedures as well as ensuring the room is well ventilated. Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of our work it may not be possible to leave doors open.


Staff will adhere to PPE guidelines when operating out of external settings such as community centres, youth centres and social clubs. When working on school sites will adhere to that particular schools Covid-19 procedures. During our outdoor sessions, the wearing of PPE is currently at the discretion of the individual.


When preparing resources for delivery work, staff will avoid using the same resources across different groups. Resources and refreshments will either be quarantined for 3 days before use, or will be sanitised before or after use using anti-viral/bacterial spray or wipes. Shared resources will be limited as much as possible, using individual resource packs or sharing within legitimate bubbles only. Young people will be asked to dispose of their own rubbish where applicable to avoid cross-contamination. Where bins are not provided in a setting where a session is being delivered, staff will provide a bin bag for rubbish to be disposed. Furthermore, our team will liaise with staff in each environment we work in, to ensure we are following specific cleaning protocols. For example, leaving chairs out in designated areas within a community centre so centre staff know which have been used and need cleaning.



Track and Trace & Self Isolation

Our team keep a record of every young person they see for 121s and group work. This register is kept on the work portal and can be accessed in the case of Covid-19 tracking. All young people who attend a girls’ group are required to sign a self-declaration form, agreeing that they will not come to the group if they, or someone they have had contact with, are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate (this includes if their year group is isolating from school). These declaration forms are renewed termly, to remind the young people regularly of these measures.
If a young person develops symptoms of Covid-19, or tests positive for Covid-19 up to 48 hours after having contact with our staff, the register will be accessed to let all young people know who have had contact with this young person that they need to start self-isolating, in accordance with current government guidelines. Relevant staff will also start self-isolation if they are exposed to a positive case, and will advise any other individuals they may have been exposed, to also self-isolate.


While working in schools, our team will inform their school contact or receptionist, within 48 hours of delivering in the school, if they have had a positive Covid-19 test. This is to allow the school to contact parents/guardians of the pupils in the school session, with whom staff have been in contact with, to begin self-isolating. Schools are expected to notify our staff urgently if it is believed that they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. This is so our staff member can begin isolation. If a pupil becomes unwell during a Love4Life session within a school, once our staff member has notified an appropriate school contact, it is the school’s responsibility to follow their own procedures.


Lateral Flow Testing

In line with current school processes, all Love4Life staff are partaking in twice-weekly lateral flow testing. Evidence of a negative test will be recorded by the staff and shared with the specific venue prior to a session. There may be instances where staff are requested to take additional lateral flow tests during the week. It will be our staff member’s responsibility to ensure these tests are taken. The diagram below outlines the current lateral flow testing process for our team. If a staff member receives a positive or inconclusive result from their lateral flow test, they must begin self-isolation immediately, request a PCR test and inform our CEO. Following the government guidance, if the PCR test comes back negative the staff member will be able to return to work as normal.



In the case of a positive Covid-19 test, where the staff member is required to isolate, we will inform the parents/guardians of the young people attending 121s and community groups as soon as possible. We will let the parents/guardians know the plan of action going forward including time scale. Our charity will endeavour to continue to hold the session, either in person with a different team member, or virtually if feasible. If neither of these options are possible, the session will be cancelled. In the case of school sessions, Love4Life staff will consult the school contact who has set up the sessions, and decide collaboratively on a suitable plan of action going forward. In the case where the original staff member is too unwell to do this themselves, another member of our team will communicate with the school.