a safe,  
friendly space  
for girls.

Lunch Clubs

For many young people, the school day presents many challenges. Whether that is from bullying, exam pressure, battles with teachers or difficulties at home, Love4Life is there to provide a safe, friendly space for girls to come to during their lunch break.

In selected schools, we work with staff to identify specific year groups who would benefit the most from our support, and we set up a weekly drop in lunch club. Here we provide games, crafts, music and friendly chats with Love4Life staff. Lunch clubs aim to reduce loneliness and isolation by creating a community inside the school and access to support for girls who aren’t able to attend our after school groups.

Running these lunch clubs, we see girls attending regularly, growing in confidence, making new friends and trying new activities. We are also able to provide any follow up 1-2-1 support for girls who we identify as needing it through meeting them at a lunch club, and we can encourage them to come along to our after school groups too.

If your school is interested in hosting a Love4Life lunch club please get in touch.
  • Consistent support to your young people
  • Adherence to safeguarding procedures
  • Clear communication with referral agency and or school
  • Email or phone notification of a staff member’s absence or unavailability to deliver a session